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I am Aizik “Aik” Brown, a Muralist and Painter from Sacramento, CA. Since I was a child I have always had a passion for art. Creating has always been my way of self expression and being able to use my voice visually. At a young age I had a strong influence in Graffiti art. Seeing Graffiti in my hometown or whenever I would travel to big cities like Los Angeles or San Francisco, I would be amazed by the art I was viewing and soon started creating my own art. As I progressed in my artistry, I wanted to go to college to better my skills and techniques as an artist. I went on to attend Humboldt State University where I received my Bachelor’s in Studio Art with an emphasis in painting. It took my entire undergrad to confirm where I wanted my art to go in the future.

I am focused to create more eye appealing, realistic, and creative works of art. I had influences from all around especially with nature, landscapes, people, cultures, music, and patterns. The art that I am creating today consists of nature and people, with a particular cartoon, Graffiti, and graphic style to give appreciation to my childhood. I also include tribal patterns into my art that represents my multicultural and spiritual background with being Black, German, Swedish, and Mexican. I work with heavy body acrylics at the moment to create graphic like styles and also to have more contrast and vibrant colors while painting. This year so far I have created 15 murals and a handful of paintings. Already surpassing what I had the done the year prior. For an upcoming series I plan to use more blues in my palette. There is something about the color blue that brings out a lot of emotions that represent myself and how nature compliments the color from the waters to the sky. Nature has many colors and shades of blue that interest me, and I soon plan to play with those colors to effectively improve the quality of my work.  

I want to continue creating art, whether that is on canvases, walls, or any platform. By this I plan to provide and be more involved in my community through the arts in every possible way to better lives creatively, intellectually, and spiritually.