I am Aik Brown, a Muralist from Sacramento, CA. Creating has always been my way of self expression, therapy, and great spiritual vibes. At a young age I was so fascinated by Graffiti Art, just by the way it was so free, risky, and also beautiful. Since it was the first exposure of art that I had, I immediately wanted to create my own. As I progressed in my art, I wanted to go to college to better my skills, techniques, and focus on painting. After attending Humboldt State University, I decided to move back home where I wanted to begin working on big scale public art around my hometown. 

Once I got back from Humboldt, I was so confused on having a name or genre for the art I was creating. At the time I called it “Abstract Pop”, but it just doesn’t fit into what I do now. I absolutely hate titles and having to be stuck in one particular genre. I would definitely call my style abstract, but It has so many influences of graffiti, cartoons, graphics, and spiritual ancestral origin. My focus is creating more eye appealing, realistic, and spiritual works of art. Visually connecting my ancestry of being Mexican, Black, German, and Swedish. I wanted to express this by including nature, landscapes, human figures, cultures, music, and tribal patterns and design in my art. The main idea that I would like people take away from my art is to keep coming back to my pieces and finding more and more in them, relate it to the human experience of being multicultural, and to feel the energy of love, peace, and happiness within it. I am continuing to challenge myself when it comes to my art to go bigger in scale, adding more artistic skill and technique, and also being more creative. When creating my art I love to put on music and just let my hand flow. I do not go into my paintings having a thought out plan, message, or concept, I just go based off of however I am feeling at the moment to be expressed on the canvas, paper, or surface that I am creating on. 

From 2016-2018, I have created over 40 murals in the state of California ranging from Sacramento, to Petaluma, Manteca, and more. I want to keep creating large scale murals in California, around the nation, and soon around the world. This year of 2019, I have been working with various schools from Rancho Cordova, Stockton, South Sacramento, and more. I love going to different communities to talk with them, and to provide them with beautiful works of art that will stay there for years and years to come. I also, love getting the students and the community involved to help with the mural so they get a sense of the mural being their own as well. I am looking forward to this year to create more art, get into shows and galleries, and also create more murals with schools and local businesses. 

With peace and love, 

Aik Brown